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Our family sept 2016

This was taken while on our big Disney Trip Sept 2016. It is one of the rare times the whole family is in one place at the same time.

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Front view 2503 Princess

This is the front view 19 Aug 2013. When we bought the house Mar.30 2012 it needed a lot of work. We are not into evergreens crowding out the whole view of the house. We removed the evergreens and redid the gardens. At this point the front eves have been primed and painted.

Judy and I at Tobermory 2014

Henderson Beach 2011

The top is a picture that was taken in Aug 2014 at Tobermory ON. while on vacation with Terry Anne Chris and their children. It is one of our favourite pictures. The bottom picture was taken at Henderson Beach State Park in Florida

The house on Cameron

This was our home for 38 years that we sold to move to our new life in Windsor. We will miss this old house but not the work and stress that goes with owning a house too big for us.

The loss of my brother Peter L Wheeler on July 8 2012 in Rhode Island was not unexpected but very sad. We all loved him a lot and, for Marie, his wife it could not have been easy to see him go through all the hurt that Cancer brought on. Pete had struggled and fought it for about six years and it was just as the Dr. said the end was here.

Pete was the oldest and was there with Mom, Dad, Faith, my cousin and myself in the 1946 tornado. It struck the edge of Windsor ON. June 17 1946. We had been in Canada about three weeks and lost everything. The gift was that "WE" survived. That we could move on become a large contributing family who would reach out to those around us as we were helped at the time.

Pete was a great brother growing up and we had a lot of fun hiking, building tree houses and forts in our back yard. One of my biggest memories was the year we decided to ride our bikes to Rondeau Park a distance of 116 kl. It was Easter weekend 1960. We made it as far as Woodslee, walking a lot of the way as one of the bikes had a flat tire. We were picked up there by the Sandwich East Police taken to their station in Windsor held for a short time and returned to our parents. 

We love you Pete you will always be in our hearts.

June 22 2012 Mom's 90th

Mom's 90th birthday party was set up mostly by Janet,my sister. She did a great job and we all had a fantastic time. It was a sad time too as it was the last time we were with Pete as he died July 8 in Rhode Island with Marie by his side. We will all miss him and his laughter a lot.

Life happens while we struggle to make sense of it. We look to those around us to help us make decisions that will really impact the world we live in and those we come in contact with.

The time between the tornado and the photo to the right was a long time and my Mom, with my Dad's help raised 10 children and reached out to so many more. Mom taught preschool  in Essex when we moved there and then on a reserve at the Bruce Peninsula.

After the death of my Dad on Feb 24 1980 Mom, who had always been involved with the Anglican Church asked to be ordained a deacon to help the Priest on the Bruce. Mom ended up becoming a Priest and and moved from their home to an apartment in Lions Head. When Mom heard of a parish opening on the reserve she asked to be assigned there. The Bishop said "I have a better idea I want you to take on a parish near London ON. Mom moved there and it was truly a match made in Heaven. There were three churchs and a large old home for a rectory. It also put Mom closer to us which was very nice for visiting.

Mom retired from the priesthood at age 70 but continued on for many years after.

Our 25 Anniversary

This is Judy and I for our 25th anniversary. Together we learned how to do so much in the way of home renovation. There was for sure Blood sweat and tears in the job not to mention some broken bones. If there was a job to do Judy would come up with a plan and we would figure out how to make it work. Oh, did I mention we prayed... A lot! It is God who gives us wisdom, that is one of His greatest gifts and then we dig down and figure out the talent to make it all come together. When it was done, when the new owners saw it they were so happy for what was done.

Windsor Castle Aug.2006

In Aug 2006 Judy and I went to England. I was born there in Jan 1946 but came to Canada with my Mum, and older brother Pete, to be with our Dad who came home from the WWII in 1945. before our trip in the early 2000's I found out that I had a second cousin who lived near London UK. He came to Vancouver CA in 2004 and I wanted to see where I was born so Judy and I made the trip.

My cousin Edward M Wheeler surprised us with a trip to Windsor Castle. He comes here to Windsor Castle from time to time for get together after golf outings.

My first home, Shrubbery House

This is Shrubbery House in Ombersley UK. This was my Mum's home while Dad was fighting in the WW2. It was also my first home before coming to Canada.

Shrubbery House Ombersley UK

We were here at Shrubbery House in Ombersley UK in Aug / Sept 2006. This is the home I lived in for the first couple months of my life

Terry's Bridal shower 2006

Terry Anne was going to Cardinal Carter High School in Leamington ON when she was asked: with only two week notice if she would like to go on a one week trip to Costa Rica and work in the cloud forest help the poor. It was a chance she could not resist. While there she met people who would change her life.

Terry Chris and family

This is Terry's family. Terry and Chris were married July 8 2006 in Windsor ON. As I write this they now have two lovely children, Florie who will be 5 in Feb and Andrew who is 2. They make a great family and we love to have them live so close to us.

Kim and Theresa

Kim was selected to go on a rotary exchange with Canada World Youth. The exchange was the first time they pared up youth from Cuba. Kim flew to Lloydminster AB and then after three months she flew to Cuba via Toronto. While she was in Toronto we met her there. It was Dec. and we celebrated Christmas with her then watched her fly off for her next three months. Kim had a great time there.

Kim and family on vacation

This is Kim's family. Kim was married May 6 2000 in Essex ON. Kim and John-Paul now have 4 beautiful children between 11 and 5. They are great children and we love them very much.


Charles Thomas Blake is from West Australia and was responsible for the Wheeler clan having a new Wheeler Family tree. I had been looking for a connection to the Wheeler roots on and off for a while and one day while surfing I came across the Essex England Genealogy page. In the list I found two Wheelers I wrote an email to the first and gave very little info. Charlie wrote right back very excited to have found a connection in Canada. He had been looking, for sometime. Charlie's Grand Mother was my Grand Father's sister and he was born Oct. 26th 1946.

The Roots of the family tree run back to this shot from 1776. This talks of the marriage between Ann Roseaman and Charles Crosswell. They were wed in St.Ann's church Soho, Westminster, London 1776. Their son John Welsted Crosswell married Sarah Prosser. John and Sarah's daughter married Charles Wheeler. Charles Wheeler would be my Great Great Grand Father. He would also be the same for Charles Thomas Blake.

Since this is Ted's Life I should tell you more about myself. I was born In Worcester England Jan. 21st 1946. My dad was Albert Leslie Wheeler. My Mum is Rev Margaret C Wheeler. Dad was in the Essex Scottish and met my Mum while in England during the Second World War. When I was born the doctor thought Mum miss calculated the day of my conception to which she said no way his Dad had only one day leave on the way to Canada. My older brother Peter was born Jan. 2nd 1944.

Mum, Pete and I arrived in Canada in May 1946. Our home was in Sandwich East on the edge of Windsor On. We had been there a short time, about two weeks when a level 4 tornado went by taking all we had. That was June 17th 1946. We can thank God that we were all spared. Good folks took us in and people helped with the rebuilding of the home .

I have 3 brothers and 6 sisters. We lived at the home in what became part of Windsor until April 1968. The city then expropriated out home and land for the E C Rowe Expressway. We moved then to the House On Cameron. It has been quite a life.

I was finished with formal education at 17 and went looking for work. I had a few jobs leaving each after about 6 months. There was a car wash, garage, car dealership labourer for a service company and then on June 25 1965 I went to work for Inter-City Truck Lines. I have been trucking ever since. I am now with TST Overland ExpressWhen I retired in Jan 2011 I had been in trucking for 45 + years. It really was a great time. I can remember when I started how tough a job it was and now it is so much easier on the body and the mind. The trucks at least that I drove were so much easier to drive and ride in. The pay was more in tune with the time. Now I do what pleases me at the time and enjoy being the husband of a real strong and wonderful woman, my darling Judy.

In the years since the "Big Wind" of 1946, I have met a lot of neat people and learned a lot about life. There really is a sucker born every minute and sometimes we all fit that category.
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