The Blake Family Tree

Charle T. Blake

This is the Blake Family tree from the Branch where Jane Louisa Wheeler Marries John Henry Blake. Going back from here is the Wheeler, Crosswell roots. Jane Louisa Wheeler is the Sister of Edward Charles Wheeler. That was Edward (Ted) Wheeler's Grand Father. Jane Louisa Wheeler is Grand Mother to Charles Thomas Blake.

John Henry Blake, was born Mar.29 1871. Married Jane Louisa Wheeler Born July 13, 1888. They have 7 Children. John Edward James Blake was born April 12, 1913. James William Blake Jun 14, 1915. Douglas Alfred Blake, was born Oct. 18th1917. Rosemary Blake, Cynthia Blake, Lillian Blake, Winifred Blake.

Douglas Alfred Blake; Marries Beatrice Edith Irene Luck. They have 3 children. John Douglas Blake born April 2, 1941, Charles Thomas Blake born Oct.26, 1946, Ann Veronica Blake born Dec 9, 1947.

John Douglas Blake marries Jane Sherman They have two children. Heidi Blake , Lindsey Blake Lindsey Blake married twice 1st to Russell Randel 2nd to xxx McGinn. They have 2 children by 1st marriage 1 by 2nd. Sian Chelsea Randall, Rheann Lindsey Randall, Lee Michael McGinn

[Charles Thomas Blake] marries Anita Lyn Morre born July 22 1947. They have 2 children,  Anthony Charles born May 19, 1969 and Spencer Douglas born July 16 1972. They were divorced in 1987.

 marries Malal Phaisitana.

Ann Veronica Blake marries Terence Hyde. They have 2 children Carl and Veronica. Carl Hyde marries Karen Charley. They have 1 child Maxwell Oliver.

Rosemary Blake marries Isaiah Cyril Lewis. They have one child Pearl Lewis

Pearl Lewis marries William +++++. They have 2 children

Cynthia Blake marries Jack Benham. They have 2 children.

Lillian Blake marries Earnest Barrett. They have 2 children, Micheal and Christine.

Micheal Barrett marries Joan xxxx. They have 2 children

Christine Barrett marries xxx xxx. They have 1 child

Winifred Blake marries William Martin. They have 3 children; Cynthia, Jean and William

Cynthia Martin marries John Saker. They have 1 child. Allen Saker

Jean Martin marries Leonard Reeve. They have 1 child. Philip Reeve Philip Reeve marries xxx xxx. They have 1 child