The Cuba Trip . . . Nov 2015


It was decided in May between Terry & Judy that a trip to Cuba would be fun. Terry Anne likes to do research when it strikes her and Terry wanted to travel. We went to Sears travel and set it up with a portion down the rest to pay in Oct. The trip would be 1 week all included from Nov. 16 until the 23.
Waiting at Windsor Airport 16/11/2015

We were so excited to get to the Windsor Airport. Take off was to be 3:35 pm. We always try to arrive 3 hours early so were there at about 12:45. We finally saw the Sunwing jet set down and pull up to the terminal. As luck would have it it was damaged on the way from Cuba and so a second jet was sent from Toronto and we left at 7:10pm and arrived at our room at 12:15am 17 Nov.

This is where they taught dance, ping pong, and bingo where I won a bottle of Cuban Rum, YummyWhere they teach dance

our island get away

This is "Our Island". We decided early on to set up our gear on the island and would carry our dry goods to it and back. It was great to be able to watch so much and yet be in the shade and the breeze

This is the buffet where we ate most of our meals. The food was good with lots of choices.Our place to eat in Cuba


In this shot with Terry Anne, her family and Sandy is Yasmany. He was the nicest waiter and took good care of us.

Terrys family at the beach

Happy times with Terry & her family at the beach for our resort in Cuba. The water was very nice but the sand is nicer at Henderson Beach in Destin Florida.

Andrew with bow and arrow

Andrew loves the WII program and does well playing archery. He decided it would be good idea to try the real thing while in Cuba. This kind guy at the sport centre there helped him and he saw the difference but was pleased with himself all the same.

Just so you can see how nice it was there we were right out of our shoes.our shoes on the beach

We were here, you can tell because you can see our shadow. Our shadow on the beach

Polish Accrobats on the beach

We wanted a picture for our upper bathroom, which has a beach theme and it had to be vertical. We came across this couple, and their friend from Poland who have been married two months. They did this routine and we thought WOW can life at the beach get much better than this.

Judy at building 16 where we stayed

When we arrived at near midnight on Nov 16 we were in building 5 Terry's family building 7 and Sandy, building 16 so we asked, and they moved us all to building 16. Terry then had to have a bed brought in for Florie and two chairs put together for Andrew. In the end we were all very happy to be close.

Judy and Sandy relax on the beach

Taking a moment to just sit and relax on the beach chairs under a cabana. Watch the water, the waves, the people and enjoy just being there.