Inter-City Truck Lines Inc.

The family standing next to 824 is my family. Judy is next to me, Terry Anne in front and, our youngest, Kim sits on the fender.

John and Ron at Oshawa

This is an old picture of John Bickford a Windsor worker and Ron Amero of Toronto taken at Oshawa a long time ago. Both are still working at TST Overland Express

It stood there like a friend. I never knew it would be a major part of my life. The address was 1601 Crawford Ave. Windsor. The day was June 21, 1965. It, my future, all began because I thought I was sacked from another job. My boss there at, A H Hall Mechanical, hit me and sent me home. I thought that I would need to find a better job. My Dad worked for Inter-City and had been there since 1954. He went to work and called back home to tell my Mum "Send Ted down here tell him they will hire him but he has to put his age down as 20 since they can not hire someone 19 1/2. That really is how it all began. I went there they needed dock men and I could at least do that. I didn't start to drive until I turned 21 in 1967.