The Wheeler Family Tree

A.L. Wheeler and Margaret C. Wheeler

This is Mom and Dad at their home in Howdenvale ON. about 1976. Behind them is the fireplace that was the remains of the old cottage

where I came from

This is the area of UK where Mom is from Kiddeminster still has family there. It was very exciting to go there and see it in Aug 2006.

Charles HG Wheeler's War record

This is the war record or dicharge record of Charles Henry George Wheeler. He was my Dad's Uncle and served in WW1

Photo Charles Wheeler

A photo of C.H.G. Wheeler. He is here proud in his WW1 uniform.

This is the Family tree laid out by Charles T Blake. I am putting it into this form, which, while some-what crude allows me to upload it. The Photos at the top are to introduce my origin and separate it from the rest of the tree. This Map of Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire GB is where I was born. Just a little south and east is Ombersley where my Mum, Margaret C Pheysey is from and where Peter and I lived before coming to Canada in 1946. The couple in the photo is Dad and Mum, Albert Leslie Wheeler & Margaret C Wheeler. This photo was taken at their home on the Bruce Penn. in Ontario Canada in 1978.

Ann Roseaman married Charles Crosswell on Feb 18, 1776----

Their son John Welsted born1777 married Sarah Prosser-----

Their daughter Mary Ann Crosswell born April 2 1810 married Charles Wheeler

Their son Edward John Wheeler born 1884 married twice. The first was to Marie Reed. The second to Jane Lea-----
Edward and Jane had 4 children Edward Charles. March 13, 1886 Jane Louisa born July 13th 1888 Charles Henry George and Annie Amelia--- Jane Louisa married John Henry Blake, who was born Mar.29 1871 and this is the split of the Wheeler / Blake tree

Edward Charles Wheeler married Florence Maud Gilling Feb 27, 1906 in Grays Essex England. They had three children Florence Wheeler born 1908 Edward Charles Samuel Wheeler born 1910 and Albert Leslie Wheeler born June 19, 1914

Florence Wheeler married Samuel Cox born 1903 died 1974. They had four sons. Robert born 1926, Edward J born 1927, Murry born 1929, and Roger born in 1939.

Robert Cox was married to Evelyn Rounding they have 5 children. Linda born July 10, 1947, Jenny March 13, 1954, Roberta Born Oct. 20, 1956, Steve born May 17, 1962 and Elizabeth born July 1, 1969.

Edward J Cox married Marie Souphranie Thilbert. They had a son Kenneth Cox

Murry D was married to Ann and they had three children. Donald born Jan. 27th 1950, Joanne born June 29, 1953 and Vivian born Aug 12, 1955

Roger Cox was born April 12, 1939. He was married to Carolyn (Smith) her *Aunt married a Blake* she was born Feb 6, 1941 (they married June 24, 1961) They have 3 sons Brad born Aug 15, 1964, Brenn born Dec 24, 1965 and Todd born July 11, 1967. They have 3 Grand children. Brad has a girl Rachel born Aug 24, 1995. Todd has 2 Caitlin born April 1996 and Brian born Sept. 16, 1999.

Edward Charles Samuel Wheeler married Gwendoline Dorothy ***** They Had three daughters Patricia, Carol and Faith. Edward Charles Samuel Wheeler died Wed Aug.19, 1942 in WW2. He was aboard Ship on his way to 

Patricia had 6 children. Four of them were born in Detroit Mi. Their names in order of birth are:Andrew, Faith, Edward, Sylvia, Thomas, and Leslie

Albert Leslie Wheeler married Margaret Catherine Pheysey (Born June 22,1922) in

England at Ombersley Worcester. They had 10 children 4 boys 6 girls

Peter Leslie Wheeler born Jan 2 1944 died July 8 2012 marries Marie Irene Richards born Jan 25, 1944. They had 4 boys; Peter Edward born Feb 24, 1965, Gregory Mark born Dec 27 1966, Scott Albert born June 24, 1968, Paul Alan born April 11, 1973

Greg Mark married twice 1st to Robin Galey born Mar. 24, 1968. Divorced. Second marriage to, Jacqueline Wyss. They have two children. Jack Phillip Wheeler born Aug.10,2001. Linden Irene Wheeler. November 13, 2003, 9lbs 6oz.
Scott Albert from relationship with Connie Nelson 1 child.
Hanna Dawn Nelson born Mar. 21st 1995. Scott then marries Terri Earl born Feb. 21, 1969.
Paul Alan married Theresa Lawson born April 14. 1968. Their marrage ended and Paul married Ava Maxine Newman. They have tree daughters.

Sally Marie Wheeler 2009,   Lenore Rose Wheeler,  2012 Edie June Wheeler 2015

Edward Donald Wheeler born Jan 21, 1946 Married Judith Anne Asmar Born April 16 1948 in Windsor Ontario May 22 1971. They had 2 daughters

Terry Anne Wheeler. Born June 8, 1973. Terry Anne married Christopher David Matthews Born Feb 11,1969. Wedding Date July 8, 2006 Terry Anne and Chris have a new baby Florence Elizabeth Wheeler Matthews. Born Feb 9 2008 in Windsor Ontario. Andrew Christopher Harris Matthews Nov 9 2010 at Windsor ON.

Kim Marie Wheeler. Born Nov. 6, 1975 Kim married John-Paul Gignac May 6, 2000 Zoe Marie Nov. 22, 2001 born in Scarborough Ontario. Alexander Joseph Feb. 4, 2004 born in Windsor Ontario. Edward Joseph Nov. 24, 2005 in Windsor Ontario. Theresa Marie Gignac born in Windsor Ontario March 26 2008

Paul Robert Wheeler born May 29, 1948 first to be born in Windsor Ontario Canada. Married Anne Holinworth. They have three daughters. Amanda Sarah Rebeca. Paul and Ann Divorce, Paul common law with Jan Soucy.  Married to Jan Sept 2009 White Rock BC CA.

Amanda Married to Renny Mungal Oct 2007.

Sarah Married to Paul Jeffry Deagnon-Eves            They haver three children: Cassandra Elizabeth Eves 1998, Alexander Leo Bruce Eves 2001
Gabriel Matthew Eves 2004

Pearl Florence Wheeler  born April 27 1950 Died Jan 7 2016 Pearl married Thomas Elliott Feb 24, 1967. They have 4 boys. Thomas Leslie Elliott born Feb. 11, 1969, Samuel Edward Elliott born March 16, 1971, Christopher John Elliott March 10, 1976, Daniel Mark Elliott born Apr. 8, 1979

Thomas Leslie married Carole Ann Lariviere born Feb 7, 1969. They have two daughters and a son. They are Stephanie, Danielle, and Benjamin.

Samuel Edward Elliott married Tina Styles born Dec. 29, 1972 They have a son Ethan Alexander born June 7, 1999

Christopher John married Hiroko ...Dec 12, 2004 in Japan Daughter Errin Luna Elliott born Sept 9,2005

Daniel Mark Elliott common law with Janice LaDouceur born Sept. 30, 1976 they have a son Tristan Rene born Feb. 23, 99 Alyssa Marie Nov. 2, 2004

Margaret Wheeler born July 18th 1951. Married Irvin George Asmar Born April 16th 1947. They have two daughters Cherie And Tammy. They divorce and Margaret is now Married to Rod McFadden. Margaret is now divorced from Rod and happy

Helen Patricia Wheeler born Jan. 30th 1954. Married Mark Loyal, born Apr 16 1968. They have one daughter Katherine Pearl, Ta O Noon Nenh Loyal born Sept 14, 1994

Lesley C Wheeler Born Oct. 24, 1955 She married Rick Lawson They have three children. Travis born Nov. 9th 1975, Tracy born Oct. 10th 1976 and Shannon born Apr. 15, 1982. They divorce.

She married Ernie Wasylynuik, whom she met Jan. 84

Feb 14 1986. He has his own 3 children. Blair born May 23, 1970, Mellisa born May 10, , Trevor born June 4, 1976 He died of heart attack Dec. 1990.

Lesley then met a mutual friend of hers and Ernie's. He is Eric Dame. They started dating Jan 1996 and were married Dec 21, 1996. They have 1 daughter Lydia Rachel Jean born Sept 28, 1998. Daughter Shannon by first marriage has 1 child Felicia Sylvia Catherine Lawson born Dec 9, 1998. She was married to Mike L'Heureux July 15 2005 

Norma Wheeler born June 25, 1958. Married to Edward Kokming born Aug.11, 1953 in Malaysia. They have two children Jasmine Fung Ling born Jan.7, 1982 Matthew Tsung Hwa born Mar 21, 1985

Janet E Wheeler born Nov. 29, 1961. Married to Calvin Hastings. They have two children Dianna Malissa born June 29, 1984. Andrew Mark April 14, 1987. They are now divorced.

David J Wheeler Born April 4, 1966. Married to Susan Davis born June 19, 1970. They have three boys; Derek T. born Sept 8, 1993, Colin J born July 28, 1995 and Aaron R born Dec 17, 1999

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