What "My Faith" Tells "Me"

In the Bible God says to Job "37:14 Hearken unto this, O Job: stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God. It is too bad we do not take this guidance.

Questions: Is there a God? Why do we believe the ideas and thoughts we believe? Why do"I" go to church on Sunday? Does it matter if "I" go?

What if we do not know of God or His Son? If we live in a place in the world and have not been told that there is a God who loves us and we can only come to Him through His Son, I am sure God can deal with this. He is a God who knows our hearts. He would know what our intentions would be toward our fellow man. I am sure that before Jesus sent His followers out to convert the world a lot of mankind went to heaven to love and praise God as a reward for their good deeds.

Is there a God? I believe there is. Do you believe first there was nothing and then there was something and no one did it? I do not believe that! Do I believe in "evolution" yes. I believe that God did Create the world and all that it holds. I believe also that His creation can evolve to accommodate the changing environment.

There are many reason why we believe what we believe. From the time we can listen and understand the spoken word we are told about life and the world around us. From the time we can see we try to understand how, what we see relates to us.  I remember from when I was very young going to Nana's house and hear her sing church songs. In our household we were just taught that there is a God and He created us. That He wants us to love and care for each other. When I was let out in the yard I would like to go exploring in the yard and fields around our home. If I had doubts about my surroundings, bad vibes or feelings then I would head back to what was familiar. To me that is inherent fear which is how Faith works. If it isn't right where we are, if we feel uncomfortable then we need to get back to our home where it is safe.

I know that we are all affected by the people who we interact with day by day. While growing up in our home there was a sense that there was good and evil in the world around us. We were told do this or don't do that because "this" will happen. From the time we could understand, Mom and Dad encouraged us to treat others with respect and honesty. From this we understood the reading "do unto others as you would have done unto you". If you live and breath, if you have a "normal" personality you know what feels right. You come to understand what is the right thing to do.

Thou shalt not steal. When you see something you would like to have you have to ask, is it mine to take? Thou shall not covet any thing that belongs to  someone else. We look at what others have and we want it. I have to come to know that it isn't for me to have everything. To know how to live free of all we are told we "should have" by todays media. As I write this Jan.22, 2010 there has been a terrible disaster in Haiti. They survive with so little. I heard a man from there saying what they need is food, water, hospital care and education. He said "Thats all we need today. Tomorrow we will worry about when it comes". I am now 64 years old, I and my wife are wondering what can we unload. We really do not need a lot of what is filling this lovely home.

Why do "I" go to church? Every day as I go through my routine there are so many people in this world with no home, no food, no one to love them. I am here having survived a class 4 tornado and numerous other falls and injuries with all I could ever really need. I have a lovely wife, two beautiful daughters who are married with wonderful children. Do I deserve this? What I do believe is that Jesus who I believe is the Son of God died on a wooden cross in my place. I go to say thank you! I have done things that have hurt others. Some I know and some I didn't know. My sin is before me everyday and I pray for His forgiveness. I go to say Thank You!

Does it matter if I go? It matters to me! It matters to those around me if I go. We need each other. From seeing each other there we gain strength and courage to stand up for those who can not be there. We can chose to make a difference. We can make a joyful noise unto the Lord in song. We give of our plenty to try in a small way to help others.