Now They Are Gone

This was taken at Howdenvale ON. about 1978

This was taken at Mum's 90th Birthday at Tyrconnell ON June 22 2012. Just a part of the whole family

Well we are a strong faith filled family and our Mum's favouite saying was "we are blessed beyond measure." When I look back over the years and think about how our life was and is I know our Mum was totaly right. We never had a lot growing up. Mum was having one child after another and doing a truely great job raising us. My Dad worked most of our lives as a truckdriver doing the best he could do bring home the bacon as they say. For sure it was not easy the wages were not that great and the bills were always high, but we, as children wanted for nothing.

We had a roof over our heads, we had food, clothes and grew up where there was always something to do to help grow our God given talents