The Asmar Family


How did the Wheeler's and the Asmars come to such a tight bond? It all started out at Clappers Shell station on Howard Ave. in Windsor Ontario. I had a job working as a grease monkey/auto-repair/gas jockey at the station in 1963. I worked there and hunk out there for a pretty long time. In that time a young guy that I knew as Irv Asmar came to work and we hit it off pretty quick. Due to the fact that I lived close by my family would come there for service and gas and with my brother Paul to just hang out.

One thing about the Wheeler clan, we do like to talk and share our family history. We also like to reach out and lend a hand when it is needed and we see we can help. I left the gas station as an employee after about six months but I kept going back and helping out. It was a fun time and I still, after about 50 years, see one of the old owners, Don Urban who works near our home.

Before I get off course here I have to remember why I am writing this page. I want to tell you about the Asmar Family. They are a major part of my life because I married the eldest daughter, Judith Anne Asmar.

The Asmar reunion Aug 24 1994

The Asmar reunion Aug 24 1994 at the Husky Truck stop Windsor ON. George was on his way through with a Yankee transport and I was on my way to Chatham for TST Overland

Our Wedding day May 22 1971

We were married May 22 1971. It was a lovely day and the wedding took place at Most Precious Blood Church in Windsor ON. I surprised Judy with a weekend Honeymoon in London ON. 

Judy and the girls

Well what to say about my three lovely girls. We figure this is 1981 and probably Judy's birthday. Terry and Kim look like they are ready to start eating like right now! Judy, well you just look awesome!

Susan, Chris, and Cathy

These are some of Judy's cousins, The guy in the middle is Chris Asmar on his right is his sister Susan Ridlon and on his left is his sister Katherine Hamel

Judy's cousins and husbands

The Asmar family consisted of their father George Joseph Asmar and their mother Beatrice Winifred Asmar maiden name Harris. They were married in the town of Tecumseh ON June 30 1945. They were blessed with 5 children two boys and 3 girls. Their order was George  Irvin, Judith Anne, Sandra Lynn, Thomas Albert, and Pamela.

When we met Judy lived at 2588 Chilver Rd Windsor ON. Judy worked as a Ward Clerk for IODE Hospital on Windsor,s  West Side. Judy is a lovely lady and when we met it was at the Windsor Arena. Her brother was skating there with my Sister Margaret who he would later marry. They had two daughters and then divorced. I had met Judy at her home and at our home but only in passing. George would go home and since we worked together he would talk about me and she wanted to meet.

I had a girl friend in Pembroke Ontario and on Dec 30 1969 had been skating with her. Now it was mid January 1970, a Sunday evening and I went to Windsor Arena. While sitting on the side boards talking to George I was suddenly pushed and ended on the floor. As I stopped myself from falling I heard "Don't say Hi stuck up" I looked and there was a beautiful young woman skating away. Judy was skating with a man named Frank Morris and I do not blame him for wanting her, I know at first glance I did also. We started our first real date Feb 14 1970. We were married at Most Precious Blood Church Windsor ON May 22, 1971. It was a very Lovely weekend for sure. As I write this we have been married for almost 46 years.

Judy's Dad had his own business and when we met he also worked for Chrysler Canada in Windsor. Judy's Mom was a stay at home Mom and kept a lovely home. The business they had was Maple Leaf Importing. For a while they were also involved in Carnivals with glass pitch, popcorn, cotton candy, ring toss and other fun stuff. They went the whole Summer fun fest route in Essex & Kent county. They later just had the store which started in their basement and after a while moved to the garage and then three different store locations. They finally sold it and retired somewhat to Kingsville ON. Judy's Dad was honest and very straight forward well trusted and liked in the business community.

As I stated earlier Judy's brother George worked at the gas station and would later get a job with Chrysler and then he and my sister with his two daughters moved to Calgary AB Canada. Sandra eloped and married Terry Durance. They adopted two children Joy and Kurt. They were together for 29 years and then divorced. Tommy had a few jobs as a labourer, and married Marge. They divorced and he met and married Joice. He died of a heart attack Dec 2013. Pamela met an older man Peter Zurba who worked for a car carrier firm. They married and moved to Calgary AB and later to near Vancouver. They have as of March 2014 moved back to Windsor ON. They have two grown children.

As a son-in-law I can honestly say I could not have had better in -laws. They were always kind, loving, and considerate. They treated me very well like another son really and I did the same. We had a lot of fun together at each of our homes. George the Father died May 18, 2001. Judy's Mom died March 29 2014