The House on Cameron

The House On Cameron

What was it about this house that said to us "come on you can do this"? Sometimes we would look back and say, "What the heck are we doing here anyway?" There were times the phrase: "should have burned it down" were uttered. The truth is, we did stay, and thank God we did!

The house was built in 1882. In 1907 a boxcar load of nitro-glycerine did extensive damage when it exploded. Most of the town was destroyed. At that time, the homeowner, Mr. Stimers was an agent for Michigan Central Railroad and due to his personal injuries, he receive a settlement of approximately $10,000.00. With this money he added onto the back of the house thereby enlarging it to a six-bedroom home.

There have been many stories about the gardens and people coming from the surrounding area to see it. As I look at it now, that might have been the case. While digging in the side yard of the house, I found a buried sidewalk and believe there could have been some sort of garden in that area.

When my parents bought the house in March 1968, it was known as the haunted house of this town. The three dormers on the original part of the house had ornate gingerbread woodwork that had not been cared for and the attic windows were also in need of repair.

We bought the house in June 1974 when my parents retired to the Bruce Peninsula. We initially began defining the property with some yard work and fencing. Then moved on into working on the interior and have never stopped!!!

So what value have we found in all this? Faith in God, for one, as a result of surviving one hazard after another, He has protected us and led us in the work we have done. Secondly, we became confident in our own abilities. I sure did not know when we bought this house that we could build kitchen cabinets, and I had no idea that we could build furniture that will stand the test of time.

The truth is I didn't do any of this on my own. I did it by surrendering and sharing the tasks with Judy. When I would come up against a wall that I could not go beyond she always had the vision to the way through. Judy cannot use the power tools as I can and I cannot lay out the work as well as she can. It was by working together, and allowing each other to shine that all the work is finished.

Prayer! It has been with the aid of lots of Prayer that we have come this far. There have been real earnest prayers for friends and family that we have seen answers to that convince us that God does hear us and answer our prayers even if the answer is no. Many people have come by our home and found peace and help here. If God leads you to us we will help. I am not sure how but if you need it and we have it God will send you here to The House On Cameron

Ted Wheeler

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