The House on Cameron

What was it about that house on Cameron? I mean it really wasn't much. It is just a pile of brick and wood 64' long and 24' wide and 30' high. We looked at it a time or two. Then we bought it. The leaky roof, the sagging floors the cracked ceilings the leaky gas pipe. Yes even the old antiquated heating system.

We moved in bit by bit in 1974. We started to wonder and work and work and wonder. We started to love that old house on Cameron Ave. Sometimes I would be a little embarrassed at the condition of the yard or the work going on inside. Then someone would come over for a visit. I would notice how they relaxed and enjoyed themselves. Now it wasn't drink it wasn't by drugs or loud music. They always left happy and laughing. Sometimes already planning when they would return.

The next change came in a round about way. The roof was leaking. We couldn't afford to replace it so we gave it to the Lord. We said "God we need Your help here. You said to give you our trouble and you would handle it for us." Now He did and it has never been the same. The House on Cameron is God's now. No one that comes is ever turned away. If you food or drink, if you want to rest or talk, if god knows we have it and you need it, He will send you in His time to the House On Cameron Ave.

Some years ago a woman walked up to me and said "I have to touch you, you are blessed." At the time I thought, "Oh thats nice" but did not think too much about it. I see now how right she was. We have two great girls. I have a lovely wife whose working for the Lord day and night. I have faith and Praise the LORD, He has set me free. I now know the joy and faith in God, of sharing with others. Sharing our time and everything else we have withholding nothing from those in need.

We never fight and seldom argue. We have a lovely garden in the summer, the house has changed a lot in the years that we have had it. We learned to love and share and care.

So What is it about the House On Cameron that causes everyone to be at peace when they enter in? It can only be God. He is here in all His glory. I thank Him for the freedom and joy, peace and tears. The see the changes from upset and misery to peace and joy in those we take time to touch and listen to. To see our friends bloom to the fullness of the joy of Jesus. He paid the price, we get the goods. How can we ever thank Him enough?

Ted Wheeler