Zoe Marie Gignac


In these photos, in the gold sweater is Granny Asmar (Great Grandmother) with Zoe at 3 weeks. Granny Wheeler with Zoe at 5 weeks.

Four Generations of Women

Photo 3 is four generations. Judy Wheeler (Asmar), Zoe, Beatrice Asmar, and Kim Gignac. Grandma and Zoe

Then her Grandma, Judy Wheeler, and Zoe at 2 years. Zoe is wearing a dress made for her Aunt Terry, when Terry Anne was almost 2 1/2 years old. Judy and Zoe are almost more than Grandma and grand daughter.They are almost best friends and then, is there really much difference anyway. Zoe's name for grandma at first was just "Ma". It was so cute to hear Zoe say "Hi Ma". We would say no it's Grandma and she would say "Ma".This photo is when Zoe was two years old. Zoe's dress in this shot was made for her Aunt Terry Anne, by Grandma. It was also worn by her momma. Zoe is 3 now and she is such a sweet heart. Yes she has her moments when you wonder where did the angle go. That is totally normal and reminds you she is a regular little girl. Zoe loves long full dress' that flair out when she dances. She loves to dance around and jump on her bed which she knows is not a good thing to do. Thats just a little girl eh.

Zoe and Grandma Grandma and Zoe piggyback time
Zoe with her new backpack Zoe at Tea Party
tea party girls

Flower girls tea party Zoe Gignac and Serafina Piasentin

Zoe and Grandma in bed
Zoe and Grandma enjoy a snack in the trailer Jan. 2007
Poppa and Zoe in Sunline

Winter camping in Sunline trailer. Time for a snack

Zoe's hair cut Feb. 24 2007

Zoe's haircut Feb. 24 2007.

Kim and Zoe try dress up
     Kim and Zoe try on some wedding dress' just for fun

This was Dec 2007 and the first time Zoe, age 6, helped us decorate the Christmas tree. We all had a great time.

Zoe and Alex on the garden stage 2007

In our Memory garden, in the side yard we have the original stairs from the front porch. There are stepping stones leading to the steps and the grandchildren love to go there and put on shows. Zoe is a girl who loves to sing.

Zoe's first communion

Zoe made her first communion May 3 2009. Zoe is a lovely talented girl who loves life.

Zoe at Halloween 2010