Poppa and Zoe measure walls
Here Zoe helps Poppa measure some of the walls.
The wood shed is emerging
This shot shows some of the framing that makes it all stand tall.

The New Wood Shed

Well all I can say is that after being in a house for 32 years you have to make some changes. We decided that fire wood would no longer be stores close to the garage that we were rebuilding. one of the big problems with the garage is that ants some of which were nesting in the firewood pile were eating the garage walls. We are currently in the process,over some time replacing the wall supports in the garage. This is a very major rebuild so the wood pile must go.

View of wood shed roof
We cut down two large pine trees and 4 walnut trees. While the man lift was here we took some pictures from 50' up
wood shed with door
Well here it is with the door and under side of canopy.
The door is open
Ted standing inside open shed

The wood had been stored behind the garage on wood palettes. When winter came it was always a bother trying to keep it dry with tarps, that leak and are messy to work with. What to do!! What to do!! If you are Ted and Judy you take a piece of the yard that is under utilized and Judy designs and together you build a wood shed. After a couple design changes we decided to build it in an east/west line next to the barn on the far side of the property. We dug out the top soil and laid in some half wide cement bricks. We then filled to the top with 0 3/4 limestone gravel. We then drove 7 36" "Metposts" into the ground to mount 4x4x6' posts on. Then we added a 2x4 wood frame and 1x6"x6' fence posts spaced 1/2" apart for venting. The roof is 2x4x8' frame with a 7/16 osb top protected by roll roofing. The wood is stacked on 4'x40" pallets. A door is to be built to finish it off. There is an eves trough on the low side and poof we now have a beautiful dry wood storage place. There is also 1/2" rabbit gage mesh around the whole bottom that continues under the pallets and up the walls to help keep rodents and animals out.

Now what do we do with that area behind the garage where the woodshed was. Well now we have room we will build a place to store the ladders and canoe that hang from the garage ceiling