Valentine anniversary

This is a Judy and Ted at a very happy occasion. We started dating on Valentines Day 1970

Terry Chris and family

Terry Anne the first of two lovely daughters with her family. Chris, Florie, and Andrew. Chris and Terry were married July 8 2006

Kim and family on vacation

Kim was our second lovely daughter. Kim and John Paul were married May 6 2000. Their children are Zoe, Alex, Ted, and Theresa.

Henderson Beach 2011

This is where we love to go on vacation and we were here in May 2011. It is in NW Florida and is a State Park with everythink you could want with out the plane or big boat to get there.

How We Met

There have been times in the last few years that I have wondered how my Mum and Dad met. In this world of so many people what is it that propels two people from different areas to come close enough at the same time that they decide to become one in marriage. This is the story of how I, Edward D Wheeler, met and married Judith Anne Asmar, Judy.

I worked at a gas station that was a franchise for Shell oil. I think at the time it was called Clapper's as the owner was Rob Clapper. While I was there another young person like myself came to work there. His name is George Irvin Asmar. Well, Irv as we called him back then was and still is a pretty neat guy. We were clearly from the same economic profile. Yes we were poor! Like, why would we be working other wise.

When two people work together who are like Irv and I well we exchange stories about our respective families. We get to know each other and sometimes date each others sisters. That's what happened here but it wasn't with out some pushing on his sisters part. She had taken street fighting after all!

I am the second of ten children. There were 4 boys and 6 girls. The second of the girls is Margaret. She was a bit boy crazy and Irv, being a good looking guy they just hit it off. They went together for sometime and then broke up. They did however get back together and marry but sad to say that also fell apart after several years.

In 1969 I had a girl friend in Pembroke On. She was very nice a little young, as I look back now, but at the time I liked her and though far apart, nine hour drive, we did get together from time to time. At Christmas 1969 I went to see Sharron and we went skating on an out door rink. It was so cold that our hair frosted on the tips. When I returned home I decided it would be fun to go skating again here. At the Windsor Arena.

Well the Windsor Arena, the barn as it is known now was a nice place to skate. It is an old hockey arena and home of the Windsor Spit Fires of the OHL'. Well Irv was there and I think my sister Margaret. Irv's sister was there but I didn't know her. As I found out later she did know me or at least knew of me. This, from her brother who used to mention me when he was home. Judy as it turned out was there with a friend who was sure she could do no better than him.

Judy had other ideas and like a bird watching her pray she was closing in to strike the unsuspecting lone male hanging out at the edge of the rink. I for my part was just sitting on the boards that run around the perimeter of the ice. This would not happen now for there is high glass around the rink and they don't allow free skating there. Okay, so I am there talking to Irv and suddenly I am on the floor. In my ears are the words " don't say Hi stuck up". I turn and there skating away is a lovely young lady with such a shape. Come on I was young!!! So I go after her and I have been chasing her ever since. After skating I took her home and she made me a cup of tea. Such a cook she is! The bag breaks and she is shocked but I am a nice guy eh and I just don't worry, besides I can see our future in those tea leaves and it looked real good.

We met a couple of times after that event and then about Feb 12th her brother Tom said to me "why don't you take her out". So I call her up and on Feb. 14, 1970 we went bowling. That was the first date and we have been together ever since. Judy was never pushy except for that one time when she had to be. There have been a couple tears but we always talk it out and I finally say "Yes Dear" and everything is okay. Right Honey??
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