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Weekend at Sutton ON Aug 5-7 2005. This was the best Event of my time as a Road Knight. Was great to share it with my love, Judy. This was the one and only time in what ended to be a 45 1/2 years in trucking I was able to take Judy for a great ride in a truck without worrying would the boss find out.

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I have heard it said quiet often that they should take trucks off the road. Well this is what happens when a truck gets off the road. It is not a pretty sight to be sure. These tracks were made by a large east bound transport that for some reason went through the median across the west bound lanes and out into the bush. I doubt there were any casualties but there would have been a hugh bill for clean up and some very hurt pride.

The Ontario Trucking Association has a group of professional drivers that act as ambassadors in the area of truck safety. The Road Knights as, they are known, bring this message to the public through talks and at trade shows. The Road Knights also visit driver training programs, secondary, elementary schools and job fairs.

Arrangements, for a team member to visit your activity, can be made by contacting Rebecka Torn ( or Shelly Hill ( at the Ontario Trucking Association.

Feb. 14-20, 05 a bad week in the Wheeler house and a case to be made for road safety. While the week started out exciting, as it was Valentines Day and our 35th anniversary of Judy and Ted's first date. Feb. 17, 05 was a very sad day as a woman lost control of her car and crossed the 401 median near Drumbo RD. She had been East bound and having crossed to the west bound side she had a collision with a west bound Challenger Transport truck driven by Ted's brother. The woman who was only 28 died a short time later in Hamilton Hospital. The driver of the truck was devastated.

Then,on Fri. the 18th, Ted's Mum, who was on her way home from Florida hit a guard rail damaging the left side of her car. Well some people say things happen in threes. True to form we have a third incident on Sunday night the 20th. Terry Anne, Ted's oldest daughter, traveling with her boy friend Chris in bad conditions from Sarnia to Essex lost control on the 401. They had been west bound but spun out and went through the median and were stuck facing east.

They had just stopped to help another single young woman on her way from Kitchener to the University of Windsor. Terry Anne sat with her, helped calm down, and using the womans cell phone help OPP locate her location. She had given the wrong location at first. Terry and Chris had to wait for OPP and then a tow truck. Once out of the median they traveled to Highway 77 and then to Essex. Damage to Chris' car was very slight and they were only shook up.

What can we do when all this is happening. We can only learn to be as careful as possible and then hold on tight. On Thursday the 17th Judy and I started home from Mississauga having just been at an OTA training day. We could have stayed a second night but decided to be frugal and get home. Hey it is only a four hour drive right. First there was the Toronto rush hour traffic. Then we ran into one snow squall after another most of the way home. At one point near Woodstock I could only see the rumble strip by the divider wall. We kept going and it cleared up. Near London it was looking very nice, I could have gone into TST's office in London and they would have phoned to arrange a room but we kept going. Sure enough we ran into more snow squalls and bad roads. What did we prove? We can make it home in the snow? Do we ever take time to weight the cost. One day maybe we will learn.
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