Terry Anne

Terry Anne
I think she likes the pillow.It was a gift for Christmas 2005

Terry Anne is just flat out a lovely woman. Terry was born June 8,1973. We were so glad to have her in our life. I find it hard to tell of all the good this delightful woman has done in her life. At about six months she had a small problem that required a hospital stay and it was the first time I ran all the red lights on Walker Rd. Never know what you will do when your lovely little girl stops breathing. This happened after we had lain Terry in her crib, on her back, in her snow suit. We we emptying groceries out of the car. We came in and there was Terry Anne turning blue. I turned her over and slapped her on the back then it was into the car and back to the hospital. The doctor said she was normal but, he could tell we were not impressed, and they kept her there for a week.

Judy and I went to Bermuda in late Sept 1972 and Judy had told me all the fun we would have while there. We will go to the pubs at night and have fun at the beach in the morning. Well the truth is Judy was tired at night and sick in the morning. She didn't realize she was expecting our first little girl. June 7 1973 Judy went into labour, a Thursday evening it was, and Fri. morning June 8, at Metropolitan Hospital in Windsor there was our little Terry Anne.

We bought our first real house in June 1974. It had been my Dad and Mum's at 65 Cameron Ave. Essex. This house, being Grandmas and Grandpa's was okay by Terry Anne and so the move was no problem. The following year was one of those very tricky years. We had wanted to have a second child to bring a little more joy into the family. This wasn't working out so, in late 1974 we decided to look into fostering children. We contacted the Roman Catholic Children's Aid and they checked us out. At the end of Feb. 75 we received our first two of three children. A brother and sister who had been thrown out of the home they shared with their dad and his girl friend. A couple weeks later we took in their older sister. While she was coming in the back door, the phone rang and the doctor said yes Judy you are pregnant. So now we had gone from one little girl, to one little girl, three older children and one on the way.

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