This is my sweetheart.

Judy my love Judy is why I get up in the morning and bring home the bacon. This is Judith Anne Wheeler (Nee Asmar). We met at the Windsor Arena where she pushed me off the boards. I am sure glad she did.  Judy was born April 16th 1948 and when she was five she told her Mom she wanted to marry someone from England. I made it by four months.

Judy was done school at grade ten, but after we married she did a fabulous job raising me and our two lovely daughters Terry Anne and Kim. Then,just to show us all and herself too, she went to the University of Windsor. At the U of W Judy undertook a Bachelor of Social Work degree. Judy never believing in half measures finished top of the class. For her effort Judy received The President 's medal, the Board of Governor's medal, and $12,000 dollars which she used to pay for her trip to the University Of Toronto.

Judy was there for 20 months, did a great job and graduated with her Master of Social Work. We had a lovely time commuting back and forth. We enjoyed Toronto and she was awarded two more scholarships for a total of over $21,000 . Now her name is Judith Anne Wheeler BSW, MSW,RSW. The RSW is because Judy is now a registered social worker. She also has her own web site and business. In-Touch Consulting Services. Her web site is We love you Judy. We are so very proud.