The Gardens

The yard at the House On Cameron is a nice size for us. The lot is 100' x 100' and the house sits on one half. This leaves lots of room to do what ever we want in the way of gardens. This year,2006, Terry Anne will be married to Chris Matthews. That means we went all out in the gardening department. With that thought in mind I have decided to give the gardens their own place here. This garden was a lot of work on it's own and we thank Terry Anne for the thought, Wendy Wood for the photos, and our own labour to make it the wonderful garden it is.

This is a double Iris I just had to buy at Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton ON. a couple years back

Double Iris from Royal Botanical Gardens Our house 2006 Christal Palce Rose and Foxglove
Rododendron July 13 2008 Our big red climber

This is our big red climber. It was planted by my Dad when they owned the house. I figure about 1970. Every year I take some time to tie it to the brickwall so it will grown very tall. It is so big now at the end of 2009 that I fell it might be a good time to cut it way back and let it start over. Well time will tell.