Our New Laundry

The most awful room in the house when we bought it was the laundry room. Any woman would know the last thing you want in your house is an ugly laundry room where you have to go and do the wash. As a loving husband I know I didn't want it either.
Time to get started

This what the place looked like when we moved in. Gray brick walls and lots of water pipes bare ceiling and wires.

This is just awful

This is looking the opposite way. That load of black pipes is from the ejector pump. There is also a sump pump and we put in a battery back up just in case.

the outside wall

This is the start of the rework job. Moved the washer and getting ready to rework the water lines. At some time in the past they redid the sewer lines and moved the upstairs sink to run to the ejector pump.

Preparing for the big job

We took out the dresser that came with the house and gave it to Terry and Chris. We put up a curtain Judy made and installed a white storage cabinet.

The wood get shot to the wall

We rented a gun and shot nails through the blue wood to hold it to the brick. This part wuld have gone much quicker if the man at Home Depot had told us the correct way to use the gun.

Insalation goes next

We bought Roxul insulation to pot against the brick as it will resist moisture as well as keeping out the cold.

finish insulating

When the insulation was all done we put up mold resistant drywall and insulated the ceiling to try and warm up the kitchen floor.

Mold resistent drywall

Now with the drywall up Judy began to work her magic with paint to brighten it up.

The start of the drain pipe cover

The drains from the upstairs are covered with a cedar wood cabinet. it in cludes a door so we can get to the pipes if the need happens. The large box is for the dryer plug.

The new Z brick wall

A long time ago, back in the 1970's we bought a large supply of Z brick to do some work in the Old House on Cameron. We had some left which we brought to this house and used it on this wall. It really works to dress up an otherwise sad looking wall.

getting the wall done

In this shot I am getting the dryer vent worked out. We want it done well and no heat loss.