Our New Main Kitchen

We have finally come to the time when we simply have to change the kitchen. When we found the house was sold in Nov. 2011 Judy said "They are going to flip it. We should call them and tell them what colours we like". We did not call and they used what to some may be nice but we enjoy brighter colours. Now it has been five years it is time to make the change.

So far, if we were doing this job for someone else they could not afford to pay us for the time and effort going into picking out colours for the walls, back splash, and counters. Those who know us know that Judy is the brains behind the big jobs and although having eye trouble goes all out making sure it is just right. On the good side that part is, as of 24/05/2017 been completed. Counter tops have been picked out and the staff from Home Hardware in Tecumseh ON. will be here to measure the sizes we will need. There are three counters, Judy and I will install two as they are just set in place and screw down. The third is large has a corner and we do not want to be responsible for installing it. It will be good to give it the Wheeler touch.

The kitchen when we bought

When we bought the house we had an inspection done and these before pictures are from then. The new kitchen starts
The reno starts

Second photo of when we bought

When we bought this house it had a solid door and when we would enter from the breezeway it was always too dark. Now with the new door it is always brighter. New door for new kitchen
New Door and paint

We are very pleased with the new paint colour on the walls
New door and wallpapered doors

We think the paper on the doors look very good with the paint colour on the wall and door.

The East wall

The colours are just too darkThe 4 foot counter

This is the counter with the backsplash painted. When all is said and done the now white backsplash will be given a strip of painted wallpaper to dress it up.The new bright counter top is in.

The doors are being papered

The flat inlaid panel of the upper doors where not nicely done so Judy decided that the best plan would be to add imbossed wallpaper. When it is dried it will get two coats of paint. The first will be ivory and then sorbia will be applied and gently wiped off to leave a very nice apperance.
Small door over range hood

Hard to see colour work

I am trying to get a photo that shows the colour work Judy has been struggling with. She painted the paper with the colour of the back splash and then the walls. She then spent a lot of time wipping down the wall colour to gige a nice soft look to the doors.