Our Great New Look

The Garage and breezeway of this great home were almost perfect when we bought it in 2012. However as with all homes you really need to make it your own and fine tune the rough edges. Early on when we were renovating we wanted the breezeway to be a warm comfortable place. One reason is Judy's Mom was sick and we were trying to make it nice for her to relax in. Sadly that never happened as she was too sick and passed away. In the process of working on the breezeway we took the R7 insulation from the common wall with the garage and put in R14. The R7 was installed in the roof of the garage and then R31 was installed over the whole of the garage and breezeway.

A second problem was we have a lot of electrical power needs what with the trailer using 30 amp and many power tools. The old set up was one 15 amp breaker in the house panel. So I went to work and with guidance from a n electrician I put a pony panel in the garage and ran new wires for plugs and switches. This meant breaking out drywall which needed replacing. Since we had the walls open anyway we installed new R14 insulation and 6 mil vapor barrier over those destroyed areas.

Along with the walls to be fixed we found that the ceiling drywall was sagging and when I tried to screw it up with drywall screws they just pulled through. We decided to install 1x4 spruce wood in a somewhat square shape over the ceiling to secure it. Due to installing the insulation and from work done by others there were two holes in the ceiling. These were squared off and doors made to allow entrance but at the same time keep it looking better and warmer. The last part was to reinstall cabinets over the 16x7 garage door for better storage.
East side door

East side of doorThis side of the garage I took out drywall, installed new wire for light switch and plug then put in R14 insulation, vapor barrier and we re drywalled it

back east when we bught it
East corner of garage

We brought it this far and then fixed it up even more. The south / back wall of garage

back wallThis is the south / back wall of garage  a new plug was added under window and telephone line. Then in the far corner I put in a 30 amp plug for the trailer and a tv cable to outside. I put R14 insulation in were the 30 amp and cable went.

West side of garage door

west side  of garage doorThis side of the garage was given split electric plugs for power tools as well as a light switch and plug at the back door. On the west side of the garage door I also put in an electric plug for ease of supply to out side and front area of garage.

Angles watching over us

We do believe that the house is a gift from God and it fills all our needs perfectly. We enjoy having Angles watching over the coming and going of our home and those we love.

Door to house and courtyard

These are the doors to the outside and into the house. The door to the outside is the original front door which we replaced a few years ago. the house door had been scratched up by dogs who lived here before we bought it now Judy has all the doors looking super nice.

House wall

This wall was a very dirty wall and Judy scrubbed it down three times. We then added curtains to the windows and some art work. The trolley cart we built to go with the kitchen reno in Essex and the buffet and hutch was Judy's Mom's.

Garage wall and entrance door

This is the common wall with the garage. When we started this job in 2013 we took the wall apart, re insulated it with R14 insulation added vapor barrier and put the old paneling back. Judy then painted it and we added the wainscoting. There are 7 windows in total which were new when we bought the house. Judy did a great job making curtains and we installed mini / venetian blinds

BackEast Wall of Garge

When we bought the house the back corner was like this with these cupboards I just couldn't handle.Back West wall of garage

We added the cupboards on the wall by the door and then put in the steel shelf unit to help add good storage. Back West Corner of garage