The Garage Rebuild


This is a little about the work we did to save our garage. The garage was designed and built by Judy and Ted. It was built to code at the time 1983. We have an exit door off our bedroom so we built the garage with a 10'x12' flat deck which has brought lots of nice relaxing time. While we were relaxing on the outside, which didn't happen too often, all hell was going on inside. The wall floor plate had rotted out. The short side wall near the side door in the first photo was gone. The siding was all right on the outside and the drywall on the inside but there was nothing in the middle. Ants, yes the big black ones, had built some fine nests in the 2x4 uprights under the back window. The ladders and canoe, while mostly out of the way, did cause problems when moving large wood. We had to build false walls to support the roof and we moved them around as work progressed.  

The Walls which had been on the floor were set up on cement blocks. Where the wood meets the blocks it is painted with roof tar

The uprights were removed where needed and replaced with pressure treated 2x4s. We also doubled the cross members

We replaced the old wet insulation with new R 12 to help keep it warm when we work in the shop in the winter.

Then we stapled up the 6 mil vapor barrier and it was time to dry wall.

The small wall is just inside the big front door.We will be adding shelves and hooks to hang work clothes and store outside decorations.

The starting point

This is where we started the job. When we took the drywall off the uprights were totally rotted away and so was the wood wallboard. We could not believe the place was still standing.

Is a garage ever really done? Here at our house we don't see it. To us it keeps getting better. There are always new tools and wood to buy. As I write this it is Jan 2008 and not much is done in the garage. When the warm weather returns the walls will be painted and the tools will be sorted and organized. There will be a new counter built under the back window and some shelving. The deck which is on top will be rebuilt and there will be time in the future for some relaxing and some more time for "Wheelers Almost Fine Furniture". We call it that because we know there is always a flaw somewhere and hey if there is more that one you forget where they are and don't worry about it.

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