Wheeler's Corner

Well this is the other side of the garden from the front steps. The gardens are always a way to make a house a home. This was something my Grandfather enjoyed doing and I remember him working on the back yard at their home on Ypres in Windsor.

Their house in Windsor ON. was a senior home at 789 Ypres which was one of many attached in a row. Behind their unit was a small yard and they could do what ever they liked with it. My Granddad liked to garden and he did it as much as possible. My Dad tried gardening but it was not easy with so many children and him having to work so hard. We as children didn't seem to want any part of the gardening thing. Now as I have reached a more mature part of life I find great pleasure and peace in working in the garden.

We have had talks with neighbours on several occasions and have come to learn a lot about this property. Besides having survived two explosions this home at one time had some pretty serious gardens. Most recently we heard that they had a hired gardener. Well thats to easy but at that time there was only a woman and her niece living here. One day maybe, if I keep on working we can have those gardens again. Heres hoping.
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