The Gardens of The House On Cameron

This is our front entrance. I constructed it from bricks that had held up our old wood front porch. I find such pleasure in this work. The plants all work together to bring out the best in the yard and front of the house.

The house was built in 1882 and survived two explosions. This porch was rebuilt in 1909 after the first explosion. The front of the house is red brick. The rails and pillars are painted wood. The porch is eight foot deep and twenty four foot across. It is a great place to sit, if we only had the time.

Judy and I designed the layout of the garden and I constructed it using the bricks that had supported the old wood floor. The Bridal wreath Spirea on the right hand side runs fifty feet to the next yard. It was planted in 1974 when we bought the house from my parents. Under the edge of the spirea is a Forsythia bush that I started from a layered branch. The white wood gate opens onto our fifty by one hundred foot side yard. In the front garden we have four carpet roses and creeping phlox. There are tulips and Delphiniums. On the left out of view there is a Japaneses sand cheery and several other plants that bloom at different times so we always have something to smile about. The maple tree in the foreground I planted and will be taken out this year to make way for a parking area for In-Touch Consulting Services. This is a business Judy started in 2000 to help people retiring find meaning to their lives.

The west front corner

The West front corner garden we called the name sign garden as there was a sign there that said Wheeler Family. It had been a gift from my Mom and will soon be at Windsor Castle.

The front steps were redone from the original old wood to concrete. When this was done we kept the bricks that had held up the old porch and used them to build the frame work for the front garden. It was a tough job but when we looked back at it we could for sure smile with pride in a job well done.

The east side of the house

This is the East side of the house and while I know there is not a whole lot showing, there was a huge garden along this wall. It was called the memorial garden in memory of the people who died Sept 11 2001 in New York City. It was a plan from Terry Anne our oldest daughter. When we moved in 2012 it was one very busy garden.

New gate for RV entrance

This gate was put in to allow for parking an RV. From the gate to the 12x12 baby barn in the yard was 28'. The plan was to make room for a class C motour home if that was the choice we made. We ended up with a beautiful 27' Sunline travel trailer. The new owners of our Essex home have a travel trailer and I am sure they appreciate having this area set up for them.


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