Florence Elizabeth Wheeler Matthews


Proud parents Chris and Terry Matthews

This is Chris and Terry Anne Matthews. We took this picture before they were married, and we could see in their eyes that this blessed event was waiting a little ways down the road. We are so very pleased for them.

Mom Dad and Florence

Terry Anne, Florence Elizabeth Wheeler Matthews and Chris. Back in the birthing room at Metropolitan Hospital. It is truly a very happy time.

Baby Florence

Florence about 1/2 hour old. Grandma Judy had said ,"You will have a boy at 10:00 in the morning". Terry really wanted a little girl it was so nice to see Chris carry a little pink bundle into the waiting room at 12:45 AM Feb 9, 2008

Florie Feb 9 2008

Florie is one of those really happy little toddlers. When you get time to just be with her she can make your day so much fun.

Later that day, Feb. 9, 2008 the young lady posed for pictures and this is one. We took turns carrying her around the maternity ward and she was just such a good girl.

Grandma and Florie

Would it be at all possible to see a more pretty photo. A beautiful baby and a loving caring grandma so at peace and at one with each other.

Florence's baptism day April 13 2008

This is after Florence's Baptism. Kim, Terry's sister is holding Theresa and Great grand Mother, Rev Peg Wheeler is holding Florence Matthews . Very happy Terry Matthews takes a moment to catch her breath.

Grandma Donna and Florie

Grandma Donna and Florie taking a moment to share some love.

Florie at 4 months

Mom and Grandma having fun with Florie at the House On Cameron.

Florie in the park all smiles

Florie is one of those toddlers who just loves life. When you are with her you can not help but be happy

Father and Happy daughter

Chris and Florie having fun at the park. She is a year old and just loves the out doors.

Florie the pirate

This is Florie at 7 months. Terry took her to Sears Windsor for the photo and supplied the props. The beads she has were Florie's Great Great Grandma's

Florie at Halloween

On Halloween 2010 Florie's Mom took Florie around a Mall in Windsor to trick or treat. Blacks Camera Store they were doing free photos. This is the one they took of Florie.

Florie and Grandpa at the fireworks

This was the end of a great weekend we had with Florie. Florie was here for the 10th 11 and 12th of July 2009. That was Essex fun fest weekend and we took Florie to the parade on Sat morning. Sun her Mom and Dad came to pick her up and they stayed for the Fireworks Sun night.

Florie and Grandma Judy

It's Judy's birthday and who would she rather share it with than one of her favourite granddaughters

Help Momma!!

This is Florie trying to get help out of the box with her cousins Ted and Theresa.

The whole family Florie, Chris,Andrew and Terry

Florie finally has a little brother. Andrew will give her cause for concern I know that for sure. In time I am sure they will learn to love and care for each other

Florie goes to see Santa Nov. 2011
Florie at the retirement time

This is Florie on Dec 22 2010 as my last work shift came to an end.

Mom Wheelers 90

This is Florie with her two great grandmas. The occasion is my Mum's 90th birthday. We all had a great time!

Florie June 23 2012

This is Florie at Great grandmas party June 23 2012. Does she know how to stare at the camera or what?

Florie at 5 years.

Florie turned five Feb 9 2013. It was a great party with the family there including Grandma Donna and Grandpa Gary. The next day was a big bash at a community centre in Windsor.

texaco display at Henry Ford

We were at Henry Ford 6 Dec 2013. There is an old fasion Texaco gas station setup and children can play with this model car. The wheels on the right side come off as does the muffler. There is also room to add oil windshield wash and coolent. Florie and Andrew had a great time as did I.

Taking Florie for her first bus ride.

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