Edward Joseph Gignac

I give you Edward Joseph Gignac (baby Ted). Born at Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor, Ontario, Nov. 24, 2005.
Edward & Dad
John-Paul & Edward

Presenting Edward Joseph Gignac
Ted Wheeler E.J.Gignac and Joe Gignac
The proud Grandpas are, from left to right, Ted Wheeler and Joe Gignac.
Kim Edward Alexander & Grandma
Kim, Edward, Alexander and Grandma
Kim, Edward, Grandma & Zoe
Kim Gignac, Edward, Grandma, Judy Wheeler & Zoe Gignac
Zoe and her brother

Zoe is holding Baby Ted on his birthday.

Edward Gignac & Granny Asmar

Edward Gignac and Great Grandma Bea Asmar

Edward J Gignac at Grandma's house Baby Ted is almost one now
Baby Ted Oct. 21, 06

Teddy at Cherie's wedding Aug. 2008 Teddy's first hair cut
Gramma gives Ted his first hair cut: Feb. 24, 2007
Teddy at Halloween 2010
Teddy Stealing Grandpa's food

Teddy is hungry, and Papa isn't looking, so "Hey, a boy has to eat eh!!"

Teddy Caught Stealing food

Papa becomes aware and decides to help the cute little guy

Grandpa solves the problem

Sometimes Teddys just have to band together, to get the job done!!!

Ted Jan 2015

Ted is one happy guy after having Grandma give him a hair cut. He was here for a great time and he sure did have it.

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