Our Florida Trip 2008

This was to be our last trip to Disney World so the plan was to have a great time. We wanted to leave Windsor ON. at 6 am Sunday April 27. The plan came undone when our daughter Terry came and helped clean house on the Thursday before. That meant we were ready to leave on the 26th and just couldn't wait any longer. So Sat. April 26th at 11:00am we hit the road. After a short stop at Kim's to say by to our grand children ,Kim and John-Paul we were on our way. We arrived at the Ambassador Bridge to cross into the USA and the traffic was lined up all the way to approach ramp. The thought was oh darn we should have waited until Sunday at 6:00. We crawled along behind all that traffic and then much to our pleasant surprise when we came up to the truck lane the traffic control person waved us into the commercial truck lane. We just zipped over past all the other traffic and so started the dream trip to Wald Disney World Florida.

After a bit of a wait on the Detroit side for three or four trucks ahead of us we came to the inspection booth. The person there kept asking do you have any weapons to which we said no. We showed him the list Judy had printed from US Customs as to what you can and can not take over the border he seemed happy and then when he found out we had a small amount of fire wood he said we would have to leave that there and then on we went. We had planned to stop near Louisville KY but due to the fact we had left early we decided to stop near Lima OH. We had no idea what camp grounds were there but a book we picked up mention a place called Ottawa Camp ground so we decided on that one. When we pulled in we were very much impressed by how clean it was, level camp sites and new clean restrooms. The cost $20.00 unless you are 60 then it is only $15.00 since we are both at that point we paid and thought this is just too good for only $15.00.
Ted and Judy canoe Florida

While in Florida we went to visit my brother Pete and his wife Marie. While there on the 12th of May they took us to a spot to canoe. It was a lovely sunny day and we saw two alligators and lots of turtles.

Our favourite campground

Fort Wilderness is our favourite camp ground when we have the time to get there and the cash.

The Majic Kingdom

The Disney World Magic Kingdom is a world of joy and surprises. This is one of our favourite places to go when ever the time and money arrive together.

Our Campsite

When we arrived a day early they put us on site 1016. The 1000 loop had been our favourite but this time it was too crowded and too far from the bus stop. We went around and found empty sites 1102 was our new best friend. We asked and they said yes you can move and stay there if you like. We moved and, we had arrived on a Thurs. on Sunday most of the 1100 loop cleared out and we felt very good indeed.

Judy Is A Cast Member

It was near Judy's birthday when we arrived so they gave Judy a Happy Birthday badge. While walking in FrontierLand this group picked Judy and several others to join in the the fun. Judy was to hold a display on a hat they supplied and just follow directions. This was not the first time that Judy was so blessed. At an earlier trip Judy was picked to be a sound artist at Disney MGM studios.