The Changes have begun

Front of house as changes begin

This is a picture of the front of the house as it looked before winter 2012 set in. We have taken out old bushes that hid the front porch and done some planting. When the summer of 2013 comes we will make more changes such as put our name sign in the round garden at the front of this picture. We had one in Essex and called it the name sign garden.

The old door

One of the first changes we wanted to make to the house was a new front door. The old door, as seen in the photo, was of an old style and we could see out under the bottom of the door. We called around and decided on a company. They sent a fellow out and he took pictures.

The two new doors

We decided to buy two doors an inside steel door and and outside aluminum door. The dealer did not really like the outer one as it covers the inner one but we wanted to be able to leave the inside door open in nice weather.

Our new front dor

Here is our new front door photo taken at Christmas time as you can see by the trim. We think it looks great compared to what was here when we bought the house.

When we first viewed the house

our old fire place

This old fire place was part of the house when it was built in 1959. It was a wood burning unit but we were not sure of the safety of it and were ready to stop hauling wood as we had at the old house for 33 years. The people who we bought the house from decided to paint the bright trim and made a mess of it. The brick also had white paint on the sides. Judy and I worked very hard to clean it we then bought a new Gas insert from Scotts Fire place.

New Fire Place

new gas fire placeWe decided on this fire place which we bought from Scotts Fire Place as it was about the nicest we had seen. This picture was taken Dec. 2 2012. By looking it is clearly evident the amount of work that went into cleaning and making it ready.

The fireplace even has a remote so we only have to push a button to have it come on or off. We use it a lot and enjoy it very much.

30 March 2012

19 aug 2013

We bought this home 30 March 2012 and the top photo is how it looked. Now as we near the end of 2013 many changes have been made.

This is one area where some big changes really take place over the next couple years. I will enjoy keeping you updated as time goes by.back yard befor it was really ours March 2012
New back yard fence and gateJune 2014

Painting front porch

This is a great time at Windsor Castle as work is coming to an end. The front porch and rail has been scraped of old paint, big job, and Judy has primed and painted it. Judy has done a great job and there are just a couple small touch ups to do. It looks great in it's new coat finished painting

We bought the house on Feb 26 2012. As in other photos there were some trees along the West fence which we had cut down before we actually moved in at the end of March. This photo was taken in April 2012 and the house is basically raw ready to be fixed. April 2012 Adstoll view.

Then after a lot of heavy work we have this photo of the yard. There is a fence around the back yard, the court yard is defined with a low fence and arbour. The plantings have been cleaned up and the wall is done. Dec 2014