Our Sunline Coach

This is about our new, to us, 2004 T2499 Sunline Coach. We had been looking for a travel trailer for over two years and we have wanted one four about 30, if you asked Judy. This past year we found out about the Sunline brand of trailers built in Penn. USA. They are highly rated and the people who have them love them to bits. We looked around and found ours at a dealer in MI just outside of Detroit. We paid a deposit of $100.00 US to have it brought to their Det. area location as it was in Grand Rapids MI.

Ford F150 and Sunline

First Day at The House On Cameron Dec 11,06 We look forward to summer and green leaves on the trees.

Sunline back view Sunline galley

Now one thing you need when you move a trailer is a truck. Since you need a truck you might as well have a nice one eh! We bought this 2005 F150 King Ranch. We have not gone far yet as of Dec 12,06 but who knows what the future holds.

First week end here and the weather was warming up so we slept in the trailer the night of Dec 15th/16th. The furnace works great and so does the microwave oven where we heated water for tea and warmed up some soup. Are we hooked? Yes!

Bed Time

Front Queen bed in the middle was a big must so we could make the bed and get in and out easily.

Storage Room

Our first choice was T2553 better part of the T2499 is pass through storage at the front and it is carpeted and has a light on either side.

Living area

The living room has a fold down table with a supplied leaf and a nice couch that opens for extra sleeping space.

Our 1977 Bonair 850
This was the trailer we had from 1989 until 2007. Many great miles and memories.

From the entrance arbour

This is what we see when we enter from the front arbour. It is a lovely relaxing site.

Frome the back pourch

When we walk out our back door we see the yard and the trailer. It calls to us "come here and leave your cares behind for another day"Now is that love or what

From trailer door

The patio from the trailer door. Come on relax take a moment and enjoy what you work so hard for. The white pipe is to make it easy to dump the holding tanks so we do not have to use the 32 gal tank and hand drag it around the trailer. 

House from trailer door

This is what we see when we exit the trailer and head for the house. The bird house was a gift to Terry Anne from a nieghbour. Each year in the spring a Starling family will move in and have a couple of little ones. This year it was fun to watch Florie, Terry and Chris's little one try to see in the house. The lighter colour mortar on the house is where Judy has been working so hard making the house a safer and more secure place. The ladder leaning on the wall is a very tall one needed for when we clean the eaves troughs. It was a gift from Terry Anne,  Kim and their families. It was accompanied by a book on "How To Avoid Falling

From trailer gate

This photo was taken from the entrance gate we built several years ago. We had decided we wanted an RV and the driveway was set up to hold up to a 28' C class motour home. The truth is we really believe we have found the RV that suits us. To top it off we can use it any time we want. How cool is that