Buffalo Burr

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What was this plant growing in this pot? I had picked up some acorns at Gestwood Park near Essex Ontario and put them in a plastic pail, seen here. The plant was in and out of the garage for a winter and then a plant started to come up. At first I thought it was an oak but then it started to develop large thorns everywhere. They were on the stems, leaves even the flowers. 

I was at a total loss as to what it was. I decided to take it to St. Clair College and ask the plant people there if they cold help, they had no idea. I asked at a plant store on Malden Rd in Windsor,  they also couldn't help. As a last resort I emailed the photo above to CBC and asked if Phil Roberts their special guest who discusses nature topics could help. At first he was also at a loss but he checked and found it to be Buffalo Burr. 

Buffalo Burr (Solanum rostratrum) is a plant that had not been seen in this area  in forty years. It is normally known to grow around ponds where Buffalo would wander Then the seed pods, that develop after the flower is pollinated would become entangled in their fur and drop off elsewhere there by spreading the plant.

So you may ask what ever happened to the plant? Well we have grand children and Judy was concerned that they may touch the plant and hurt themselves. With much pressure the plant was destroyed that same year.