Bathroom Reno

We bought the home on a hand shake Feb 26 2012 and when we took pictures the bath room up stairs looked okay but it needed a special touch. Due to our trips to Henderson Beach in Destin FL we had collected a lot of sand and shells so we decided a beach theme would be nice.

Moving in view

When we bought this home we took pictures of course of the whole house and this is what we saw looking in the bathroom. Not bad if you are into pedestal sinks.

ready for the new vanity

It is now Feb. 2017, and it is time to make this room work better for us. We have never been into the pedestal sink idea and enjoy having a proper vanity.

Laminet Pine oanel

The top we chose was a 20"x36" Laminated Pine panel from Home Depot. Judy had the plan in her mind and drew it on the panel. I then cut it out and put the Roman Ogee edge design on it.

trying sink on vanity

With the vanity in place and almost done we try the sink to see how it will look. Looks pretty darn good!

Looking at the front of the sink.

From the front it looks nice also and when it is all done will look great.

The theme of our bathroom

We wanted a beach theme to the bathroom and found these frames at a store in Destin FL. We bought two and then put in photos that we enjoyed from out trip.

Towel Rack with shells and sand

The towel rack shows a good view of the shells and sand jars we worked with in Florida and works well in our small space.

the vanity is now complete

The vanity/sink job is now done and we really enjoy all the special touches. The multi layered shelf on top works very well with all the little extras.

the job is done

This was taken from the same point as the original photo and I think it shows a nice difference. It is a trick to see but the garbage can has seaweed and coral painting on it. We sure enjoy it.

Judy's Painting work

When ever we do a job that needs that little bit of accent. So Judy gets out her paint gear and does her magic. To the right on the shelves are the dishes with the shells from Destin FL.