Welcome Andrew Christopher Harris Matthews

Andrew New Born

This is Andrew taken at one day old Nov. 10 2010. We are all so happy that Chris and Terry had a little boy to complete their lovely family.

Andrew and Grandma

Grandma Judy just loves that she can be there to hold Andrew and help Terry. Judy will always wish the very best for all the family and go out of her way to help.

Mom and Dad with Andrew

Mommy and Daddy show how great it is to have a new born, lovely little guy. I know it won't be long before they will be watching him crawl.

One happy family

One happy family Florie, Dad, Mom, and Andrew. Florie on her own has been such a beautiful gift. Now with Andrew to take some of the attention it will be interesting to see what Florie thinks in time.

Andrew and Poppa

Every little one needs a Grandma and Grandpa to love them. We are very happy to be grand parents to six lovely little children. Here I get a chance to bond with Andrew.

Andy Dec. 22,2010

My last work day was Dec 22 2010. I went to pick Judy up at our daughters house and had a bonus to be with Andy and Florie

Grandma Judy and Andrew Judy, Terry Anne Florie, and Andrew Andrew at 5 months

This is Andrew at 5 months. He is on Grandpa Gary's lap, and very happy about it too.

June 23 2012

This is Andrew at Greatgrandma's party June 23 2012.

Andrew in Kingston July 2013

This is Andrew trying his hand at the drums in Kingston ON July 2013

Andrew summer 2014
Andrew on our Cuba trip Nov. 2015

In Nov. 2015 Terry's family along with Grandma, Poppa and Aunt Sandy all went on a 1 week trip to Cuba. We had a very Great trip.